Common Business Problems

It is not luck that separates the top marketers from the over 90% that fail. Everybody faces real business problems. The difference is that the successful ones are the ones with real business solutions.

I truly believe that the biggest reason business have such a failure rate is because too many people go into it expected to “get rich quick”. They do not want to put the work in that it takes to run a successful business. As soon as the challenges hit, they quit and move on.

What are some of the real business problems that the average person/company may face.

  1. Lack of Marketing – This is a big one. Most people get into business, especially MLM and Network Marketing, thinking that bothering their friends and family, and chasing down strangers at the mall, are the key steps to building a business. Marketing, real marketing, is one of the biggest things that separates the gurus from the ones who quit.
  2. Budgeting Your Money – It costs money to start a business. If you are going to do it right, it costs money to run a business. That does not mean that need a ton of money, but for the key business tools, you will need to spend a little. Do not go crazy. If you have a small budget, spent small, and make sure that you spend it in the right places.
  3. Budgeting Your Times – This is seriously overlooked by most people. How much time can you invest into your business? Some people dive in head first and it is their total focus. Most people are building their business on the side. In that case, consistency is the key. Be sure that you can devote a set amount of time each day to your business, and if you stay consistent, you should see results after awhile.

Real Marketing Solutions

There are answers to all of the problems that you will face as you build your business. When budgeting your time, treat is as if you are going to work each day for an hour, 2 hours, whatever time frame you decide on. You need to be proactive with your time. The proactive marketer spends their time creating content, promoting their products, personally branding, and other action steps. The reactive marketer checks their email 10 times a day, and sits around wondering why they are not making money. Be active, consistently!

When budgeting your money, there are a lot of different opinions. Overspending is a real business problem. Some people say invest everything you can, while others say never spend more than you are making. When just starting out, I think it is obvious that you need to spend more than you are making, since you probably aren’t making anything yet. Decide what you can afford each month, and don’t just blow it right away. You will want a certain amount to go toward key tools, such as your website. You will want some for education. Possibly some for marketing. Maybe even some for different products and education. Don’t buy every single product that comes out that promises to make you rich. Spend wisely. Stay within your budget!






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