High Risk Merchant Accounts – Get Approved for Credit Card Processing Services

Your business is set up and you are ready to start selling to your customers. Unfortunately, you have run into a problem; You can’t get approval to process credit cards. This means you are missing out on many additional sales. This is a major problem faced by many would-be entrepreneurs. Fortunately, there is an easy way to fix this problem by working with high risk merchant services providers

When new business owners start setting up shop, it never occurs to them that their business may have to play by different rules. If they are classed as high-risk, setting up to accept credit card payments with a merchant account service provides many hurdles. For many, this step seems an impossible one to get past.

Businesses that are classed as high-risk when it comes to accepting credit cards aren’t just those that provide dangerous services like parachuting or bungee jumping. High-risk companies can be retail stores, credit counseling companies, auction services, and even eBook online retailers. It’s no wonder that new businesses often find themselves in the predicament of not being able to accept credit card payments.

High Risk Merchant Accounts

Companies sets up each high risk merchant account to be custom fit for all businesses that it serves. They understand that all businesses are different. Because of this, merchants get just the right amount of equipment to make their own sales process easier. If your company requires wireless systems, pin pads, or transaction terminals, there is no need to worry. No matter how complex or simple your needs, a perfect solution can be tailored to your needs.

Credit Card Fraud Prevention

Fraud prevention is a major concern these days with identity theft regularly making the headlines. The good news is that transactions are fully encrypted and safety measures are in place to prevent fraud and reconcile statements. In order to limit your liability risk, online credit card processing is rapid and is fully functional on your end. In addition, High Risk Solutions monitors your account, checking for suspicious activity such as high rates of return on merchandise or the duplication of transactions.

Best of all, these services are offered at affordable prices. Transaction fees, monthly fees, and rates charged are all within acceptable limits for any business that aims for high profits. Being rated as a high-risk business instead of a low-risk business does not mean you must pay exorbitant rates to do business. All that is required is to set up your account and start doing business.

To sign up for an credit  card processing account with a high risk merchant account provider, simply go online and fill out an application. In most cases, approval will come within two business days. After that, you will work with a representative to get the services you require for your business on a custom basis. Then, watch the money roll in.






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