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Many people now have a need to still receive post to a location within the USA even if they are not currently living there. The USA box allows you to remotely manage your paper mail, just like how you can do so with your email.

How USAbox  works.

It works quite simply, you will be provided with a mailbox by the USA box company, when they receive mail to that location they will then scan it for you to be able to view over the internet. Then you can either get it shredded, scan everything so you can read the letters, or if it’s really important forward it on to you. This service provides you with a high level of flexibility as you can access what you receive without being required to physically be there. This makes it perfect for expats or people out of the country for a long period of time.

Furthermore where this service really excels is due to the several different locations being situated across the whole of the United States. This allows you to get your mail to the nearest centre to the source reducing shipping fees and the amount of time the mail is being transported. Additionally, you can also benefit from getting it sent to somewhere with a lower sales tax, both of these will save you money. For more information please visit USA Box Express

Who is this service suitable for?

There is a wide range of customers who benefit from signing up to the USA Box service. European and Asian based customers who buy and sell goods in America benefit from not having to get the goods shipped halfway around the world to only send it back when they sell it. Additionally, people who have emigrated out of the USA to other countries but still wish to maintain connections to home enjoy the service. Many online shoppers use the service to utilize the bargains found exclusive to USA stores, or for products that are released in the USA before anywhere else, like Apple products. Finally many businesses benefit from have a permanent address in the USA.

Many people would love to benefit from the vast amount of American retailers who do not currently service their part of the world. This service will easily allow access to these services and will benefit you from the world’s best products at some of the best possible prices. With the service currently shipping to 220 countries worldwide, you are almost certainly will be able to benefit from this. With the power of the internet, it has never been easier to avoid retailers who refuse to sell internationally or charge overpriced shipping fees.

Signing Up

To sign up simply go to and fill in the registration form. Payment is incredibly easy, with the vendor accepting all US credit cards and PayPal payments. This allows for worldwide coverage as PayPal covers almost every country so if you no longer or do not have a US credit card you are able to use the service. You can also find out more on their About Us page here or why not check out their feature packed FAQ section.






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